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Regional Rep:  Paul Turner.  Email:   Phone: 07846 676980

March 2010

This is why we do Egg Runs:

Hi Paul

 It was nice to see you again on Sunday.

 Thank you so much for the Easter Eggs, we have started distributing them to patients, who are ever so grateful. One of our nurses said "you’d have thought I’d just given him a million pound", he couldn’t thank me enough’. I really love to hear feedback stories like this and I hope you will pass this on to some of the riders. I was amazed and delighted for MAG by the turnout on Sunday; don’t think
 I’ve ever seen so many bikes before, or Easter Eggs. I hope your event on Monday evening was as successful.

 I have taken a couple of pictures from Facebook and hope to use them in our next Newsletter.

 Take Care
 Gillian Chadwick
Community Fundraiser
Hospice at Home West Cumbria
Workington Community Hospital Park Lane Workington Cumbria