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Some Advice from fellow bikers:

*Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users and mistakes by others and yourself are liable to be painful. Be cautious. Do not rely on luminous clothing or headlights as a means of other road users seeing you. For them to see you they have to look in your direction.
*Use bus lanes wherever you are allowed, to avoid the most hazardous traffic flows and increase your conspicuousness.
*Always ride within the limitations of your bike and your own abilities.
*Be aware that manhole and drain covers offer very little friction and represent a particular hazard to powered two wheelers (PTW).
*The further you can see in front of you the quicker you can react to potential dangers. If you are following a car look through it's rear window and windscreen (the same can be done with parked cars) to see what is in front of it.
*Wearing a helmet is likely to reduce your perception of speed and increase your feeling of invulnerability, try to resist the temptation to let this affect your riding.
*Don't rely on eye contact at junctions watch the vehicle for movement.
*Slow down when approaching corners until you know it is safe to make it round them.
*Attend Bikesafe lectures. You will definitely learn something new.
*A more relaxed riding position with your arms bent comfortably at the elbows will allow your body to absorb more of the energy passed through the bike from lumps and bumps in the road, making your overall ride smoother and more controlled. A simple check is to try and flap your arms whilst your hands remain firmly on the bars. If you can't flap you're too tense so relax! Check your feet also; you'll be surprised how tense you can get on a day out.
*While filtering through traffic be aware that drivers will not be expecting anyone overtaking them so they may not signal or use their mirror before pulling out in front of you.
*The only positive information a flashing indicator on another vehicle tells you is that the bulb is working. Wait until the vehicle has made it's turn before proceeding with your manoeuvre. (The indicator may have been left on from a previous manoeuvre).