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Given everything emanating from Europe at the minute, both as
legislation directed at British bikers and as possible threats, like
compulsory day-glo, many riders want to act, stand up and say Ďlisten to
us and our industryí.

The Type Approval Regulation that is working its way through the
legislative process at the minute and which we have covered in more
depth in previous editions of The ROAD, is at committee stage and
amendments are being discussed. Some of these are good, the Chairman of
the committee, Malcolm Harbour is prepared to listen to us and has
tabled some good amendments, but at the same time, under pressure from
the ABS industry, German MEPs have tabled amendments to fit ABS to
everything from 50cc mopeds up, which will add so much to the cost of
commuter bikes that thereíll be no reason at all to own one. Others wish
to include all dirt bikes as well, trial and enduro, while a French MEP
wishes to see road-side stop and check powers given to police or gov
agencies to check we havenít tampered with ANY part of power train, from
air filter to rear tyre size, as well as checking our emissions.

Luckily our own Dept for Transport is concerned that there have been no
impact assessments carried out on the effect all this legislation will
have on consumers and the aftermarket industry, so we have the ears of
them as well. Not wholly sympathetic, but they are listening to our man
Nich Brown whoís been meeting them.
Then thereís the crazy ban on bikes over 7 years old from cities in
France and the dreaded day-glo/reflective clothing requirement, which is
also proposed in Ireland, but the Irish want full sleeve dayglo jackets
for riders and pillions!


All this crap is strangling motorcycling, so itís our duty to highlight
this and what better way than to strangle the nationís arteries, itís
motorways and dual carriageways?

Hereís the plan for Flash Mob Motorway Mayhem.

September 25th is a Sunday. Itís a week before the IMCO Committee vote
on all their final amendments.

We want to show that we are mature, and while still in political
negotiations, have chosen a Sunday for our FIRST event, not a week day.
Gathering from noon at selected service areas, we roll at 1pm, all over
the country at exactly the same time.

If itís a 3 lane carriageway we use 1 or 2 and ride at a perfectly
legal 45-48 mph.
We ride for maybe 15/20 minutes and bugger off, Flash Mob style.
Yes, 125s wonít be able to come, but there are dual carriageways
everywhere, so possibilities exist everywhere.

Weíve all witnessed the tailbacks that can happen when a truck tries to
pass a caravanÖ

The strength of this is in simultaneous action, so that national radio
and press notice and we sidestep local news, though they too will pick
up on it.

There will be one central phone number for press contact, so thereís no
need to panic!

There will be no roundabouts or traffic lights to split the run.
No-one, (except Mr Mutch) can take a wrong turning.

No overheating engines.

We do not need marshals, just one person with a watch to see when itís
nearly 1pm.

We have the right to peaceful protest.

We do not cause congestion as a mode of transport, but there is no
reason why we canít all go for a Sunday ride at a safe and sedate pace.
Isnít that what the Police keep asking us to do?

We wonít be the congestion, all the traffic behind us will be.
Anyway, we may choose to only ride a couple of junctions and then turn
around and go home the other wayÖ
Itíll only take a couple of hours of our time and weíll still be home in
time for Late Sunday lunch.

This is local, everyone, even Cornwall has a main traffic artery somewhere.

Speak to your local MAG group about organising one near you, why travel?
Organise one yourself and let me know where.

The MAG website and MCN will be advertising all the start points, ask
everyone you know to attend one. What else are you doing on a Sunday?

September 25th. Keep it Free! Direct Action Politics is back!

Kind regards

Paddy Tyson
Campaigns Co-ordinator
MAG (UK) - Motorcycle Action Group

Your local contact is Whitehaven Rep